Monday, December 5, 2011

ADC In Disability Movement

Dear Readers,
We would like to express our happiness that ADC is continuously participating with directly or indirectly in disability movement in this region. Actually our special target group is the children with cerebral palsy , but we would like to do more than that as possible from our side." Our small  help could big change in life of the people with disability."  that principle we always keep in our thought and action.

On the special occasion of 20th International Disability day (3rd December,2011), ADC has celebrated with participating program with Gos, NGOs, INGOs and other stake holders. We all stake holders organized a Rally from Mangalgadhi Chok to District Woman-Children Office , Surkhet. Our Main slogan was "EQUAL PARTICIPATION OF THE DISABLED FOR MAKING THE WORLD BEAUTIFUL"

                                               Special Education Tithers & Physio Assassinates  
 M D Gyanendra with Handicap International's Coordinator Mr. Binod Basnet, Physio assistant Om Basel & Physio Therapist Sagar Poudel.

                                               Rally in Birendra Nagar ,Surkhet
   Gyanendra & Samar Bahadur Malla ( Chief of mid west Nepal Disabled Network) Leading the Rally

                                              Disabled People Organizations Participating Rally
                                         Madan Karki(spinal cord Injury) & Ram Kumari B. K. (Ortho)
                                    A Child ( without eye)  telling poem about disabled Children

                      Rally Was Ended Going To The District Office Of Woman & Children, Surkhet

Friday, November 25, 2011

ADC Activities Photos

                                                            Physiotherapy session in ADC
                                                  Yamuna Bhattarai & Roshani Rimal

In this days our new  Physiotherapist Sagar Poudel (BPT from Rajive Gandhi University, Bangalore & working in Handicap International Nepal )  is working with our clients. He is so dedicate on this field, ADC  wants to say best of luck  Sagar.

Thank You & Good Bye Vicky

With a lots of love & wishes we would like to thank  to Vicky Leonard for helping our association being as a volunteer technical adviser since July 2011 to October 2011 & supporting us physiotherapy equipments for the children with cerebral palsy.

We are really inspired with your dedication on the work. We would  like to congratulate for getting succeed on your mission in Nepal. Wish you all the best for your new life after return back in England.  God  bless You.  Good  bye  Vicky.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hearty Congratulation

With immense pleasure and glory ,we would like to congratulate Mr.Sunil Pokhrel for being selected as the National Physio-Adviser at Handicap International, Nepal.

We also express our gratitude for his invaluable support to our organization as a technical adviser since it's establishment. We proudly extend our wishes that he prove himself a competent and deserving candidate for more challenging responsibilities in the future.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Camp For The Children with Cerebral Palsy & Neurological Disorder

On 19th September 2011 ADC had organized a camp for the children with Cerebral Palsy & Neurological Disorder. That camp was technically supported by Self -help Group for Cerebral Palsy (SGCP), Dhapakhel , Lalitpur , Kathmandu. SGCP is the great & big organization in Nepal working with the children with Cerebral Palsy. The team of  Dr. Birgit Fritzweiler ( from German ) did well treatment to our Children in this camp. Our Twenty Two Children with C P and neurological disorder able to get service through this camp.

                                                                      ADC OFFICE
                                                Dr. Ritesh , Dr. Birgit And P T Sadhana
                                      Dr. Birgit's welcome by ADC's President Mr. Ganesh Bdr. Rawat
                                                       Dr. Ritesh Getting Flowers
                                                 P T Sadhana Accepting ADC's welcome
                                               MD Gyanendra with Dr. Birgit And Dr. Ritesh
                                                      Roshani Rimal with her mother in camp
                                                    Pushpa Thapa getting therapy with Dr. Birget
                                               Karan Nepali in between the discussion of Doctors 
                                                              Children playing in camp
                                               Manjil Sharu With P.T. Sadhana
Clients waiting in camp

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Group Physiotherapy & Group Counceling In ADC

Since starting the work of ADC, it has been conducting group physiotherapy and group counseling sessions with the parents of our clients. It is increasing awareness and dedication to care children with cerebral palsy. It is really a new practice in ADC ,Surkhet.

                                                            Building of ADC
        M D Gyanendra giving speech on the importance of group physiotherapy / counseling.  
Our respected physio Dr. Sunil from (HI, Surkhet) & Professor Vicky Leonard (INF,Surkhet), She is from England  in group Physiotherapy session  with the parents and child with C P.
 Our Volunteer Physio assistant Mr. Om Basel providing therapy to the child, Special education teachers and mothers also learning with him.

                                                         Mothers also trying to do same
                                                      Physio practice in group

                                             Mother in practice, she will can do same in her home
                                                    Special Education teacher also practicing
               Ganesh Gyawali's mother also practicing, she will can do same in her home
                                              Special Education Teacher Hima Aryal in practicing 
                                          Our Respected Volunteer Vicky Observing the activities 
                                                                Children with their parents
                                                     Vicky and Sunil teaching to Ganesh 
                                                        Karan Nepali getting therapy with Sunil
                                                             Children with parents

                                                      Vicky and Sunil guiding to the parents
PT Dr. Sunil Pokhrel and M D Gyanendra In group Counseling , using internet information to the parents
                                                             Mothers with their children . 
                                             Pragyan oli And Roshani Rimal with their Parents         
                                                   Prakash Dhakal with his father