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-Thank you for supporting ADC

Every donation, no matter how large or small, helps.
ADC is a registered charity, 100% of your gift is tax deductible. If you prefer to mail your donation please see directions below.

1) 40 $ per month per child for hostel childrens.
2) 30 $ per month per child for day care childrens.

You can make your donation directly to our bank account: 

# Bank Name : NIC ASIA Bank,
                         Surkhet Branch, Nepal.

# Account Name : Association for Disabled & helpless Children

# A/C No :  3541520648352402  

# Swift Code : NICENPKA


To ensure your email will be routed to the correct person, please use one of the following subject lines:

  • Media Inquiry
  • Note to ADC
  • Question about Donations 
  • General Information
  • Phone : +977-083524646 / 9868013916 / 9858055706
Please know that we read every email that comes in. Due to the volume of mail we receive and ADC's responsibilities with the children, ADC may not be able to respond to messages or advise on projects. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your kind support.
*special note: Due to the volume of emails we are receiving it will take a bit to sort through but someone will get back to you. And in the meantime, big thanks for your interest in our story. We are grateful!
Social Media  Please help share our story by becoming a fan on face book and following ADC on twitter. Invite your friends. Share our videos, links, and journal posts. Thanks for spreading the word, and for being: Awesome.

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