Thursday, November 17, 2011

Group Physiotherapy & Group Counceling In ADC

Since starting the work of ADC, it has been conducting group physiotherapy and group counseling sessions with the parents of our clients. It is increasing awareness and dedication to care children with cerebral palsy. It is really a new practice in ADC ,Surkhet.

                                                            Building of ADC
        M D Gyanendra giving speech on the importance of group physiotherapy / counseling.  
Our respected physio Dr. Sunil from (HI, Surkhet) & Professor Vicky Leonard (INF,Surkhet), She is from England  in group Physiotherapy session  with the parents and child with C P.
 Our Volunteer Physio assistant Mr. Om Basel providing therapy to the child, Special education teachers and mothers also learning with him.

                                                         Mothers also trying to do same
                                                      Physio practice in group

                                             Mother in practice, she will can do same in her home
                                                    Special Education teacher also practicing
               Ganesh Gyawali's mother also practicing, she will can do same in her home
                                              Special Education Teacher Hima Aryal in practicing 
                                          Our Respected Volunteer Vicky Observing the activities 
                                                                Children with their parents
                                                     Vicky and Sunil teaching to Ganesh 
                                                        Karan Nepali getting therapy with Sunil
                                                             Children with parents

                                                      Vicky and Sunil guiding to the parents
PT Dr. Sunil Pokhrel and M D Gyanendra In group Counseling , using internet information to the parents
                                                             Mothers with their children . 
                                             Pragyan oli And Roshani Rimal with their Parents         
                                                   Prakash Dhakal with his father


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