Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Some Glimps of ADC

Dear Readers & Well wishers
Warmth Regards.

After a long time we are going to be update in this site. Here are some glimpse of ADC, please accept it.

Dear all we did three screening camps successfully in different remote areas in Dailekh District. We screened and did refer nearly 50 children with cerebral palsy during these three camps. 

ADC Team in Dailekh District Head Quarter for camp

ADC Team in Dullu Health Post, Dailekh.

ADC Team and local Stake Holders in Bestada VDC Dailekh

Group Counseling During the camp

Dr Prem Devkota doing group counseling during camp

Physiotherapist Puran Shahi discussing about CP with parents during camp

ADC Manager providing voice calculator and braille paper for blind students of Sikher Higher Secondary School. 

ADC Manager Providing Braille papers and voice calculator to Shree Krishna HSS.
Refreshment tour of ADC kids/parents/staff @ kankrebihar

ADC  Kids Playing @ kankrebihar

Farewell of Dr Prem Devkota who helped us since establishment of ADC
ADC Manager Celebrating happy holiy festival with ADC kid  

ADC Manager celebrating Holly with Parents of ADC kids

Dear all we will be continued. Hoping your suggestions  Best wishes...