Tuesday, July 24, 2018

ADC Meetings : To rent vehicle for C P Center

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               Our Clients lives in different areas in Surkhet valley. So, Guardians are facing many problems to get services regularly because of  lack of proper transportation. Therefore ADC conducted different meetings in this month to solve the problem and how to deliver our effective service to our clients. Finally ADC board meeting decided to rent a van to bring children from home to center and center to home. 
ADC Board Meeting 

 ADC called for guardians meeting and  collected feedback and suggestions from guardians. our meeting concluded on agreement to hire van and provide special education, vocational training and speech therapy with physiotherapy.

Meeting with Parents of our Children with C P
After discussion on various topics, finally ADC and guardians decided to make a Guardian Group , who will help to facilitate and coordinate to get  service from ADC. According to the decision of meeting  in the joint effort of Guardian and ADC , it will run a vehicle soon.
Meeting with Parents of our Children with C P
ADC requires  technical team and proper infrastructures and transportation facilities so that we jump to higher level than before.

ADC  will always be waiting for your feedback and suggestions. For any kind of help,feedback qnd queries please contact us : Ph. 00977083524646 , Email : adcsurkhet@hotmail.com

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Count Me : A Joint Movement

22 Jul. 2018, Surkhet

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             ADC is working for the children with cerebral palsy from the very begining. ADC has been providing Physiotherapy and general education for our kids in our center. Also,we participate or initiate for advocacy of child and over all disability in our community when needed. In this back ground ADC  joined in a movement ; Count Me , with different disabled people organizations (DPOs) in province Karnali, Nepal. The movement is led by National Disabled Federation , Karnali Province Chapter.

Rally of DPOs & Disability Right Workers 

"Count Me" is a movement for advocacy for Rights of disabled people. It gives pressure to government to take action to make easy and helpful law for people with disability. Its main aim is to make disabled friendly government policy, disabled friendly development ( Road , Offices , School , College, Health Centers  etc ) and disabled friendly Society.

ADC secretary is participating in rally

End of rally

Leaders are presenting proposal to Mayor of Birendranagar Municipality 

We are always waiting your feedback.

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Success Story of Suman Aarupate

Suman Aarupate, 9 yrs old boy from Pipalkot, Dailekh was admitted to ADC in Falgun 8th ,2074 with the chief complain: unable to walk. He was brought in ADC by his aunt so we don’t know his pre, peri and post- natal history.

On observation, he had ectomorphic body built with normal facial grimace. He had drooling from his mouth with athetoid posture. He has normal hearing and vision but impaired speech. On examination, he had increased tone in bilateral UE and LE (Grade I in Modified Ashworth's scale) with athetosis. He had exaggerated  reflex in Biceps, Triceps, Knee and ankle with positive plantar reflex. He had persistant ATNR reflex. He has good head control, rolling, creeping and crawling, sitting and ability to change position but unable to stand and walk. He had good sitting balance but need moderate support in toileting, eating and dressing. He plays purposefully. For him our anticipated goals were to make his trunk control able to stand, walk, and make him able to play to play skillfully. NDT approach, AROM ex, Spasticity reduction techniques, functional exercises and play therapy were the treatments given for him.

Suman with his aunt  having  therapy by ass. physio therapist Om Basel 

                             What we achieved in 3 months??


He was able to stand within 1 month. With basic speech therapy, drooling was stopped. He started walking inside room since 2 months of treatment session. Now he is able to walk and come to ADC from home with minimal support. He has good trunk control with good sitting and standing balance. He can play with different toys. 

                                                           Suman is trying to walk


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