Monday, October 22, 2018

C P Chair Donation from Parents of Takshika

Dear Well wishers,

On 15th October 018 Tejashwi Bashnet & Rabina Pyakural Bashnet visited ADC to donate C P Chair, Wheel Chair and some doll set to C P Center. Bashnet Couple is  the parents of our client late Takshika Bashnet.

Our adviser Rishikeshar Khanal welcomed them in C P Center and appreciated for their donation. Parents of Takshika  expressed  their will to help C P Center  in near future.   

We would like to hearty thanks to Bashnet couple from ADC family and many wishes for yours peace & happiness.

Thank You.


C P Center Visit from H I Team

Dear All

Last month ( on 27th Sep. 018) a team from Humanity & Inclusion ( H I ) came for visit to ADC .  The members from H I team were Physiotherapist Gaetan Nareschal , P T Sunil Pokhrel ( he is advising and helping  ADC since its establishment ) , Rahil shrestha & Nirajan Chaudhari. 

Team members  from H I & ADC Team 

The main purpose of the visit was to study the current scenario of C P  and possibility of human inclusion program in Surkhet. 

There was meaningful discussion about cerebral  palsy rehabilitation, service delivery system to C P kids  and some feedback & suggestions.   

 Thanks to following us . Thank you all.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dr Jacques Welcomed In ADC

Dear Welshers

ADC organized WELCOME Program for our Respected Donor Dr. Jacques in ADC Surkhet.

The program was planned for 2nd octuber 2018. After the arrival of Dr Jacques Vigne, he was welcomed with flowers and  garland  by ADC kids, guardians , board members and other invited guests.

Deputy Mayor of Birendranagar Muncipality Miss Mohan Maya Dhakal was invited as a chief guest. After the arrival of Deputy Mayor she lighted on Deep & Kalash then  the formal program was started. Welcoming for chief guest BODs , parents and other delegates was done.

The welcoming speech was given by our vice secretary Mr Purna Bahadur Rawat. After that the speech was given by our Respected Adviser Rishikesher Khanal and then Guardians of our kids. 

There was  discussion program about ADC children at ADC and their progress led by our Senior Physiotherapist Dependra Thakur.

After the discussion, we conducted feedback session from parents. Overall the feedback and responses were positive about the work we were doing. After the feedback program our respected donor Dr Jacques was presented with Letter of Appreciation and Khada. Dr Jacques gave some speech on his social work and spiritual journey.

Program facilitator and secretary of ADC Mr.Gyanendra Gautam described about ADC in summery. There was speech given by Chief guest Mohan Maya Dhakal. She advice ADC Team to present proposal to Government office and coordinate to her in future to work for the children with cerebral palsy.

At last of the formal program there was conclusion speech by our President Mr Ganesh Bahadur Rawat.

After the conclusion speech there was a short tea break and informal program. In which ADC team showed how we are working with kids and stakeholders.

Overall the program was short and sweet with great success.

Thanks to Everyone.

Thank you for following us.