Thursday, June 2, 2022

Pediatrician at ADC

On June 1, Dr. Nawaraj KC, an experienced pediatrician at Karnali Pradesh Hospital, conducted a free health check-up for ADC children. Dr. KC is also the social engineer of this state. Along with them, there are also doctors of different disciplines who take the lead in social work as per the need. Dr. KC and Dr. Rupak Kandel (Orthopedic Specialist) have expressed their commitment to support ADC with mind, word, and action. From now on, ADC children will receive free health check-ups from specialists. Dr. KC Has referred 3 ADC children to his private hospital for free health care.

The ADC Team has been very optimistic. We are discussing with the doctors how to provide services to the children with disabilities in this state. In the next few days, we will move towards our goal with Smart Plan. We want the love and support of all of you. Let's all work together.