Sunday, July 31, 2016

I Want Continue My Study : Khimsara B. C.

Khimsara B.C.
It was running final  exam of educational year 2072 in Shree Krishna Sanskrit & General Higher Secondary School. A lady bland teacher Miss Tara Dhakal asked to ADC Manager; "Gyanendra Can you help 2000 braille paper for our poor and talented blind  student ?" then ADC manager reply " yes, of course "

Carrying 2000 braille paper manager went to the school for provide papers to blind students.At that moment manger saw a small girl student participating final exam of class 4, she was writing in paper, sitting on ground of class room.After knew,She is with mild cerebral palsy.

Khimsara in her class room for her final exam.

Manager asked about her to her teacher and in-charge of the school and request to take her in ADC's center for physical therapy.

After a month she came in ADC with her father. Her father said about her in detail, then we knew they are in a big problem.

Khimsara is from Awalching VDC of Surkhet District. It take 2 hours by bus and 1 hour by walking to reach at her home in Awalching from Surkhet Vally. She live near the school in Vally with her brother's room of rent.But now her brother and brother in law sifted from the Vally.After then she has no room to stay and nobody to take care her. Financial condition and family situation vary bad in her home. Her father married two.So the problem is created.  

She has passed the exam in good marks. But now she is in her village ; Awalching. She is not admitted in School. And here, educational year 2073 is running. Her father asked for help with  many NGO, INGO, and government offices to continue her study, but nobody can help them. 

Finally ADC manager call them in center, when they are seeking help in surkhet vally. With the sad face they came to center, and all of sudden a innocent child tell to manager " uncle i want to continue my study... please help me." Then ADC manager  promised them that ADC will adopt her in September 2016. She will stay in ADC hostel and continue her farther education and regular physical treatment.

She need regular physiotherapy.

Friday, July 29, 2016

ADC Received Senior Physiotherapist : Increasing Clients

Dear Followers / Welshers,

In this days ADC have a Senior Physiotherapist working as a full timer staff.Last month ADC recruit and welcomed to Therapist in Center. Now days clients are increasing. More clients from surkhet valley and far from the Vally : Dailekh, Bardiya, Kalikot, Jajarkot & Jumla Districts,  use to come ADC's center to have counseling and physical treatment. 

ADC Manager Welcoming to Senior Physiotherapist Durga Khatiwada

ADC Staffs & Clients

Clients in line in Center
Mother of Amrit Chunara learning physio technique from P T 
Mothers are Practicing physiotherapy
Ass. P T Om Basel doing therapy to Sikher Sarki
Grand father of Eak raj Shahi from Jumla with Ass. PT
Pushpa Oli & her mother from Jajarkot in ADC Center
Amrit Chunara From Bardiya trying to walking
Arun & Roshani rying to write and paint
Kids & Mothers in break time
Cute Ganga playing on her CP Chair

Will be continued...
Hoping Yours Feed Back,
See You...