Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Story of Amrit

This is the story of Amrit chunara,six and half years old son of Mrs. Gauri Chunara and Mr. Karna Chunara from Shanushriri , Tara Tal,ward no.9,Bardiya. It take 4 hours by bus and 1 hour by walking to rich at home of Amrit in Bardiya from ADC Center. 
Amrit, having Physical Therapy by Physiotherapist.

 Amrit is unable to walk normaly and bends his leg on walking and walk on toes.When Amrit was one year old,Gauri found that her son can’t walk
    although he can do other activities like other children.
His parents took him to Gujrat in Kashiben hospital . There he was recommended for physiotherapy.Physiotherapy treatment lasts as long as they stay there . Later they forgot all the exercises taught to them when they were back to home.When Amrit was six year old, a neighbour told them about INF in surkhet. First family doesn’t agree to go far from their house but later the effort of her mother brought to INF and thereby he was referred to ADC (Association for Disabled and helpless Children).
Amrit is studying in ADC hostel with her mother
 She brought him 26th baikash 2073 and Today17 th of shrawan , in two and half month duration we can see vast progress. Now Amrit can sit cross leg squat and stand for long . His leg is more straighter than before. Before coming here in ADC he needed support to sit ,could stand for less time and his both legs were fully bent.Now his progress going on.We , ADC family doing our best for the welfare of this child.