Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ADC Activities : Photo Features

Physiotherapist Doctor taking history of Child & doing assessment for further treatment
In this time ADC have three inpatient & four to seven outpatients in our Center. Inpatient use to be from remote & marginalized, outpatients are from in the Surkhet Vally.Generally our Children from Dailekh & Kalikot. We are providing fee- less services (treatment, lodging & fooding) for our children with one carriers. We have normal guest rooms and kitchen. But our clients are happy adjusting our facilities. We are feeling, our clients are understanding the importance of physiotherapy for there children.

Mother try to do some exercises for her child with the halp of assistant. Before discharge we have to teach some basic home exercises to their parents so that they can continue exercises at home.

Our physical thaerapist assistant trying practice to Amrit for drinking water him self.Before
stretch the muscles.If they are not doingcoming centre he can’t drink and eat.But
exercises at home then muscles will go for now he can eat himself.
shortening,so it gives to pain for the children.
He is crying because ontolerable pain.

Min Bdr, Bogati trying to draw in his copy

Bhisan Kandel playing ball

Bhishan Kandel With his Father
From Left Yamuna, Min Bdr & Bhishan

Three childrens are enjoying with volley ball at ADC Surkhet.

ADC supporting team from left to right Mr.Sunil pokhrel Senior Physical Therapist Handicap International (HI) Nepal. He is always with us any kind of help regarding technical support and non-technical. When he was Surkhet he is volunter of ADC Surkhet for technical
support.Now a days he is physically far from us, but he is always worry about ADC and supporting us as much as possible. So we can’t forget him and thankful to him.

Mr.Gyanendra Gautam Managing Director of ADC Surkhet, he is always with us to grow up the organisation.

 Mr.Prem Devkota Senior Physical Therapist and Unit Head of General Rehabilitation Unit (GRU) at International Nepal Fellowship (INF) Surkhet Nepal. He is a part time employee of ADC Surkhet as a post of Technical and Evaluation Advisor.He is helping us all technical part of our organisation and help us reporting and management of the organisation.With out those personnels our organisation is incomplete.

Parents cutting vegetables,they have to make food
 for them self. They have some contribution for their childrens.

From Left Min Bdr, Bogati, Bhishan Kandel & Kandels Father, they are from Dailekh

Our Physiotherapist Om Basel with Dijone
Therapist , Dijone & Roshani with her Mother

                Physio Specialist Dr. Sunil Pokhrel doing treatment for Pragyan

Parents are sitting at their living room and Krishna shasi playing outside the living room
and chating each other.of ADC Surkhet Nepal.

Group Physiotherapy Season with Parents

Krishna Shahi, from Dailekh

Krishna , Farewell by Physiotherapist

Our Client Mohan Raj Dhami, from Kalikot & his parents taking Tea at ADC Roof

Our assistant and his (Krishna’s father) try to make him to walk around ADC coridor. Krishna is very happy because he never try to walk,always his parents carry him on their back.

ADC kitchen with gas stove. we are using local raw materials to set up that. We have finincial problem so we are unable to purchage furniture for that.
Min Bahadur Bogati, Practicing  Writing

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