Monday, July 29, 2013

Parents Said See You Soon

I was sitting on my desk doing some paper work suddenly sound ring my ear “ namaste sir” means good afternoon sir.

 I turned around and saw one lady carrying  child on her back and other old man carrying bag on his back with full of sweat. They seems like so tired, and told  “what time is it now”?? i replied its nearly four noon.

 I saw amzing face what !! “ its four”?? They start their journey at five o’clock in the morning. They told me we have to walk three hours and seven to eight hours by bus.

  I told them you have to stay here nearly two to three weeks, then they were surprised my voice what !!! two to three weeks???. They believe only injections and medications .

They dosent know about rehabilitation, i convinced them finally they are agree to stay there but they are keep asking “my son will be fine nah”? i replied “ if you stay here then slowly he will be better believe me ok”. We start our regular treatment and teach her mother. When he arrived he dosent have good sitting balance and legs are so hard, even hard to bend his legs. lots of saliva come out from his mouth. Seen dirty due to uncontrolled salivation.
Our physiotherapist assistant teaching sitting balance to the child and parents are observing the techniques and following him.

Before three weeks with the regular effort from part time senior physiotherapist,physiotherapist assistant and his mother he is able to sit with out  support his legs are not too much hard and he can control his saliva.So that he is tidy and clean.

The child name is Krishna Shahi lived in Cheudipushakot Dailekh districts.
He is sitting in-front of ADC (Association for Disable and Helpless Children) with out support.
Krishna and his parents are ready to go home and Krishan’s father shaking hand with our physiotherapist assistant Om Bahadur Basel.
Parents are happy with ADC organization and team who are working there. They are thankful to all ADC family and hope to back soon for treatment when ever bed is available.

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