Monday, April 1, 2013

Home Visit & Follow Up By ADC Manager

Its hard to continue work as a social work at the village level of Nepal. Seriously lots of hope and work should be done by ourself to rise and fullfill the dream of the ADC as a good and service oriented organoization at surkhet.

I never thought that it is hard for me to go remote area of Nepal and work with physically challenged childrens and make them independent in their life as much as possible.But in reality now i came to know that it is possible because i went remote area of nepal who already get rehabilitation services from our center.

I went one village it will take five hours by public bus and three hours by foot and visit my old clients there i saw them they and their families have shiny face with lots of welcome to me, seven months before when i am there i feel that they havent any hope from their childrens and they are burden for them forever.

 Even they are not happy to send their children our centre because they dosent have hope to get changes their childrens. Because they run alots of big hospitals and spend lots of money for them.     

Suman B.K. 6 years old children sitting with our ADC Manager Mr.Gyanendra Gautam at his house and behind to them locally made wooden standing frame provided by ADC Surkhet.

Pragyan oli 3 years old children at his house with our ADC Manager Mr. Gyanendra Gautam observing the situation of the children. The comfort wheel chair provided by International Nepal Fellowship(INF) Surkhet programme. We are working co-ordination with this organisation.

Rosani rimal 5 years childrens with her happy mother and our Physical therapist assistant Om bahadur Basel. Standing on locally made wooden standing frame provided by ADC Surkhet