Monday, April 1, 2013

Sucess Story of Amrit Bogati

One month and eye was full of tears

JANUARY 1 2013

 A child with his mother came to our center with sad face and seems they dosent have any hope and joy in their life.We assisted the client and was diagnosed as a cerebral palsy. We asked them to stay here for at least one month and get treatment for him, she said “why one month?” Because still no one believe about physical rehabilitation in our country they still have belief only upon allopathic medication, they want to get medicines or injection and think it is the only solution for all the conditions. But we all advocated and a took counseling session for his mother and finally she was agreed to stay as a in-patient at ADC.For the 1st week his mother was not engaged with our rehabilitation program because she had no belief upon our treatment protocol. As the week passed, the client started to sit comfortably, he could perform lying to sit and sit to lie-down easily. then after she felt there is something called “PHYSIOTHERAPY REHABILATION” That can really recover the physically disabled one, the only thing is it takes time and we need to have patience. Yes, I and my entire rehabilitation team was so glad that we at least made one family member to learn the benefits of PHYSIOTHERAPY.

we, with a gained confidence continued our regular rehabilitation program for two more weeks and then he was able to stand with the minimal support and holding his mothers hand. His mother was so much happy and had a full trust on our treatment and she had hope to gain something more.

Under the regular effort of physical therapist and the ADC TEAM Members,his mother and he himself completed one month,now he can stand indepedently without any support, can walk with a minimal support (holding hands). At that instant her mother eye was filled with tears, tears of happiness. She says “I never thought my son could stand on his own and walk, I Am so thankful to ADC for finding him from the remote area which is very far from ADC .Thank you ,Thank you All“ I could not speak a word, I just passed a smile and said “ This is our duty madam, and this is what we,a physiotherapist is paid for”.because I had no any other words excepect to present myself with gratitude.

Now he is at his house with his mother and his mother has promised us to continue the therapy session at her house as we have trained her at the centre. We have suggested him to bring back after 2 weeks to the centre again for review and other physiotherapy session and if necessary we will admit him to our hostel agin for few more weeks.

This story is about Mr. Amrit Bogati, 7 – years/male leaving at Bhawani Vdc-7, Dailekh-Nepal which is around 70 km far from the centre and takes around 3 hours by bus and again 2 hours walk by foot to reach his house.

Story written by: Anil Bhandari (Physical Therapist)
ADC - Surkhet Nepal.

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