Sunday, May 13, 2012

Extra Activities Pictures Of ADC

Cute Roshani

handsome Pragyan

Beautiful Radha

                                            Created by ADC's Children & Vocational Teacher

                                   Teaching materials made by teacher & child. it help as art therapy

                                            Art made by Special Education teacher Gyanita Rai

                                            Time table & teaching materials in Class Room

                                                            Radha making an art

                                                             Yamuna making picture

                                                          Roshani making picture

      Ashis in wheel Chair, he is wonderful, does not like to be with friends, likes to be alone

                                                       Suman B K doing paint

                                                 Roshani , Ashis & Nisha in Class Room

                                                  Our Cute daughters ; Yamuna & Roshani

                                                               Innocent Juliya

Nisha Sahi in Standing Frame

Special Education Teacher Gyanita Rai Teaching her Student

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