Saturday, May 12, 2012

ADC Picture Collection

Dear Readers ,
Now days ADC have focused on the Children With Cerebral Palsy & neurological disordered. We are incresing community visits & follow up. In our socity there are so many challanges to make eiser life for the children with C P & neurological disordered. Main challanges are appeares as ;

1) Lack of education
2) Lack of Physio-treatment awareness.
3) Geographical difficulties
4)Low socio-economic status.

In this back ground ADC is trying to do best for our client, applying different ways & Methods ; centre based , community based.

Here is some photos taken in Center & community , Please see & advice us.

                                                          Pragyan taking physiotherapy

                                                                 Class activities

                                                        Physio Dr. Sagar Teaching some physio techniques

                                                         Shivu making his picture on mirror

                                                    Radha Practing for her leg co-ordination

                                                  Roshani & Aasish taking speech therapy

Yamuna in standing frame

                               Left 1st child is Dana Budha from jumla (extremly remote area of Nepal)

Nisha Saahi

                                        Radha learning physiyo tips from physio-assistant Om basel

                                               Therapy session in Centre

Regular therapy in Center

                                                             Group Physio-therapy in Centre

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