Monday, July 22, 2019

Happily Discharged

Jharana Rokaya, a 6 years old female child from Jajarkot, Karnali Province, Nepal was admitted in ADC-CP center in 24th April 2019. The concern by her parents was that she had difficulty in movement of her right half of the body. She had difficulty in standing, walking and balancing her body due to which she had difficulty in toileting, dressing and playing. The main goal for her by ADC was to make her able to walk easily, play and go to school.

                                                She was admitted to ADC hostel from 24th April to 21st July 2019. To achieve our goal, the rehabilitation team set different therapeutic plan and did well during the period of admission. The main treatment given to her were Play therapy, functional exercise, strength training, balance training and gait training. Also we provided her special education classes to set some basic ideas about the school. Today on request of her parents we discharged her i.e, on 22nd July. She is able to walk and play easily and purposefully. After 3 months of physiotherapy and rehabilitation program we are proud that we made her able to go to her house and school. She and her parents were happy at the time of discharge which gave us immense pleasure to serve them and other children like her. We hope to provide more and more services to children with disability.
Thank you.

Jharana and her mother at the time of discharge 

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