Saturday, June 30, 2018

Success Story of Sunil B K

            Sunil B.K, 9 years old male child  from Lakha-4, Jajarkot was admitted to ADC on 3rd Baisakh, 2075 with a chief complain- unable to walk. We can find out his prenatal, perinatal and postnatal history since he was admitted by his sister and she don’t know about him much. But she gives history of crawling and quadruped position at the age of 5 years. He was unable to stand and was having difficulty in upper limb movements.
Sunil and his sister with physio asst. Om Basel
On observation, his build was ectomorphic, no drooling with everted foot bilaterally. He had normal higher mental function. On examination he had normal tone with normal reflexes. He had good head control, rolling, creeping, crawling and ability to change position but difficulty in standing and walking. He had impaired standing balance but able to do toileting, eating and dressing. We diagnosed him as Diplegic CP. Our anticipated goals for initial 1 months were to make him gain his proper trunk control, strengthening upper and lower limb, make his upper limb more functional and to make him able to walk within room with assistive devices like walker.
The treatment given for him were sit to stand and vice versa exercise, balance training exercise, functional exercise and gait training with and without support.

Sunil is practicing sit and stand exercise

What we achieved after 1 months of treatment sessions?

Now he is able to walk inside and outside the rehabilitation room and go for toileting independently. He is able to do independent sit to stand. He has been playing with different toys of different shape and size. He can walk anywhere except staircase using walker. He has good trunk control and standing balance as well.

Sunil is trying to walk Independently

( The Report is Prepaired by Dipendra Thakur ; Senior Physiotherapist of ADC )

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