Sunday, September 11, 2016

Voice of President

       Respected Sir's/ Madam's,
Warmth regards from Association for Disabled and helpless Children, ADC Surkhet.It is now 5 years that ADC started their activities to help disabled and helpless children in the Surkhet area (West Nepal). During this period, hundreds of children and their families have benefited directly or indirectly of the services and treatments provided by the ADC Team.Of course the credit of this work goes to you and your kind support.
Despite the difficulties to deal with Children disability in Nepal, mainly relating to the lack of education, the poor economical conditions and the geographical environment, we, at ADC never feel hopeless and we keep enthusiastic and optimistic in our actions and goals.
Now we have a full time Senior Physiotherapist and, very soon, 2 new experienced workers in disability area and 1 special education teacher, we aim to expand our services to achieve the following objectives:
1/ Increase our in-patient service from 3 to 6 children.
2/ Increase our out patient service from 12 to 20 children.
3 / Provide better special education & vocational training to our in-patient & out-patient children.
 4/ within the next 12 months, (September 2016-September 2017), conduct 6 screenings camps and 2 follow-up sessions in remote areas. 
We will closely monitor these 4 objectives and we will regularly update our internet site to report the progress to you.(
 In order to achieve these objectives and to help ADC to reach their overall goals, we need, once again, your kind and generous financial support.
Also,please do not hesitate to talk about us and about our actions to your friends, family and relations and to all who are willing to support ADC.Then ADC will continue treating, training and helping disabled Children to self-stand, to walk and to give them and their parents a new and better life.
Remember that a small support from you is a big one for each and every kids of ADC.
Sincerely Yours's
 Ganesh Bahadur Rawat
( President,ADC Surkhet-Nepal)

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