Monday, November 7, 2011

ADC Activities Photos

ADC Team Members
Meeting with mid Western Regional Hospital and Stake Holders
Meeting with President of mid western regional disable people organization
MD Gyanendra in the training to special education teacher      About how to teach children with intellectual disability(13 may 2011)
Rehab Officer PT Sunil Pokhrel providing training to the ADC staffAbout how to teach & treat Children with Cerebral palsy(13 May2011)

ADC Team in Group Discussion
Dr. Sunil & Purna giving therapy to Bhim Bdr. Thapa. Bhim is from Dailekh, his Neak, Hand, and leg do not work properly. Therapist Om Basel giving training to Bhuwan. Bhuwan is a Child with intellectual disability and normal C P.
Bhuwan doing exercise
From left Roshani Rimal and Pushpa Bhattarai with their mother. Roshani is the child with Dystonic c p  and Pushpa is the child With intellectual disability.

Ganesh Gyawali (Dystonic C P) playing foot ball. He can not hold is head properly.
Laxman Nepali (Dystronic C P with M R) doing exercise
Manjil Sharu (Spastic Diplegia) Taking Therapy with  P T Dr. Prrem Devkota, volunteer from INF, Surkhet

ADC's  clients with their parents
PT Prrem Devkota, Volunteer from INF & PT Sunil Pokhrel from Handicap International  giving therapy to Ganesh Gyawali & Karan Nepali Dystonic C P)  correspondingly near to Karan's mother.

 From left Roshani Rimal, Pragyan Oli(Dyspeptic C P) and Aashis Wan (CP With MR) taking physiotherapy with vocational teacher Purna & PT Sunil.

Gyanendra teaching to Anita Poudel (M R) & Bhuwan KC( MR), Special Education Teacher Gyanita Rai also learning methods.

PT Sunil Pokhrel & Assistant Purna Acharya Giving Therapy to Ajay Somai (CP)
Special education teacher Gyanita Rai doing therapy to Laxman Nepali

Vocational Teacher & Special Education Teachers in group discussion

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