Thursday, January 3, 2019

Flash Back 2018

Dear All
here are some memories from 2018 , please have seen , thank you.
ADC Kids welcoming Dr Jacques in ADC

Meeting with Guardians of ADC kids

Senior Physiotherapist Dipen with Prgyan Oli and his Mother

ADC MD Gyanendra participating a program on disability 

Suman BK at Center

Sirjan and his mom at center

Dilip and his mom at center

Special education teacher Hima aryal with our kids at class room , in center

Child disease specialist Dr Nawaraj K C diagnosing our kids at Proviancial Hospital   

Thank You !!

Hygiene materials help for ADC

Thanks for supporting us Mr. Rajendra Bista ( CEO of Surkhet science and surgical )  for providing hygiene materials for ADC   

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Discussion Programme with Stakeholders:

Dear all,
          We organised a discussion programme with stakeholders at Hotel De Namaste on 7th Dec at 8:30 am. We invited different personnel from different organisations including Ministry of Social development, INF, National Disability Federation Karnali Province. Also we invited Dr. Bhabisya Shrestha (Pediatric consultant, Provincial Hospital) who assured to help ADC when needed and give free treament for our clients twice a month. Overall the programme was fruitful and with healthy discussion. We got both positive and negative feedback for our organisation for which we will do our best to contribute ourselves for the betterment of our organisation , community and state.

Thank You !

International Disability Day , 3rd Dec , 018

Dear well wishers

Warmth Regards !

On 3rd Dec. ADC celebrate world disability day.
ADC with Birendranagar municipality  and National disabled federation Karnali province  and different organization related to disability celebrated the day.

On the eve of disability day we lit candle at Birendra Chouk , Birendranagar.

On 3rd  Dec, we took our children (clients) to Bulbule lake for boating which was sponsored by MD Gyanendra Gautam . On that day , we started rally from Mangalgadi chowk to district coordination office with all the above mentioned organisations. At the same time parents of Late Takhshika Basnet (Our patient) assured to donate Rs. 1 lacs as fixed deposit for ADC.

Thank you..